Can your calendar do anything beyond scheduling?

Loopin is a modern calendar for teams to efficiently manage their entire workday.
Connected meetings, notes, and to-dos — right on your calendar.

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Without Loopin

Tasks and notes are scattered across apps.


Searching for previous meeting notes is impossible


Non-stop follow-ups to check task status


Always reacting to new meetings in calendar


Busy, but not productive

With Loopin

Streamlined tasks and notes


Recap previous meeting notes to switch context in seconds


In control of your time


Daily accomplishment summary to wrap up the day


Automate status checks and followups

Inbox for your meeting notes

Never scramble for previous notes to prepare for your meeting. All meeting notes and action items are connected to your meetings. Switch context within seconds.

Protect time for work

An open calendar is an open invitation to schedule meetings. Block your time for tasks that matter, right on your calendar.

Works seamlessly
across applications

No duplicate work. Triage tasks from all work apps. Share notes with your teammates wherever they are. Integrates with Asana, Trello, Notion, Slack, Email. More coming soon.

Great! But how does it work?

tiny calendar

Connect your calendar

a pentagon

Integrate with your work applications

notes i guess

Capture notes and tasks

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Share with your team