AI meets your calendar.

Loopin calendar view with meetings and related suggestion based on Loopin AI technology

Calendar that works for you.

Delegate and automate

LoopinAI is the perfect companion for your workday. It has answers to all your questions about meeting outcomes and people you've met. And even schedule meetings to save time from juggling everyone's calendars.

Plan Perfect Week

Automate event planning with AI suggested meetings, tasks, and people to meet. Pick the ones to keep, and let LoopinAI do the magic of planning your schedule.

Meeting assistant

LoopinAI connects relevant meetings automatically to give summarized context for your upcoming call. Always bring your A-game to work.

With all the automations you can imagine. And more.

Discussion Summary
Focus on the conversation while LoopinAI records, transcribes, and summarizes the meeting in your writing tone. Send out beautiful meeting summaries in one-click.
Meeting Outlines
Generate agenda and templates for meetings automatically from meeting descriptions.
Get reminders on people you haven't met in a while. Schedule meetings without the back and forth. Maintaining relationships couldn't be simpler.
Calendar Management
Tired of scheduling and re-scheduling important events. LoopinAI can take that burden off of you.
Easily import previous conversation from GDocs, Notion, Otter, or anywhere else. Simply copy and paste to get beautiful summaries with the latest context on what's going on.
Spotlight Assistant
Have questions? Loopin has the answers. Search and get answers to anything and everything on your calendar – meetings, notes, or tasks.
Loopin AI for Google Meet - AI notes and meeting summaries. Never take notes on GMeet. | Product Hunt