Loopin Vs other tools

Alternative to Hugo for your meeting, notes & task workflows

Learn how Loopin & Hugo compare in the meeting management needs

loopin home screen with day calendar and meeting notes attached with notes, and related meetings, notes, and tasks
Card which shows 21 Tasks completed as a donut chart with segregations on Self Assigned, Jira and Others.
A Curve Chart which shows Weekly Calendar Usage with 20.3% overall and 2.1% increase since last measured.
Blue Card with 62 mins of Time Saved being shown with link to Record.
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Task Time Blocking

Tasks & Timeblocking

Hypercontext & Loopin both enable creating tasks in a note, while additionally enables you to

  • A consolidated list of all your tasks from different meetings or connected integrations, also maintaining the source of the task!
  • This makes it so simple to just drag a task from your task list and drop it on calendar to Block time for performing these tasks.
  • Loopin also enables you with a personal task board where you can plan your entire week. Yes, you guessed it right - Its a Personal Kanban Board!

Meeting Recaps

While you are lost in a huge pile of notes unorganised in your google drive, Loopin automatically connects all your meeting notes together.

  • Viewing previous notes is available just on a quick scroll down, imagine a running document of all your meeting notes stacked together.
  • Start the meeting with the right context by Recapping your previous notes
Meeting Recaps

Checkout how Loopin compare with Hypercontext for your Calendar focused meeting workspace

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Run 1:1, team or external meetings
Shared & Private Notes
Rich text editor
Meeting Templates
Calendar View
Personal Task Board
All Notes & Filters
Real time Collaboration
Task Assignment & Tracking
Meeting Recaps & Previous notes
Send Meeting Notes
Meeting Automation
Meeting Insights (Related meetings / notes)
Global Search
Task time blocking
Weekly Analytics
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Google Calendar
MS Calendar(coming soon)
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Meetings. Notes. Tasks.
All in one place.

Workspace for important meetings

Talking points, notes and next steps, auto organized in a collaborative workspace. So you and your team are always prepared. Never spend time searching notes ever again.

Collage of interface elements showing Meeting Details, circular profile pictures ink random order around the card and a 4X4 Gallery of People in a Meeting.

One list for all to-dos

Capture tasks anywhere, manage them in Loopin. Get an aggregated view of all tasks – from meetings, emails, Slack and popular work apps. Always know what to work on next.

Collage of interface elements showing Sync Tasks from Jira, Asana and Slack, Card showing Tasks where it comes from, Date of Task and No. of Hours spent on it.

Balance time between meetings and tasks

Important work cannot wait until 5pm. Plan productive workdays by blocking time for tasks that matters. As easy as drag and drop. Prioritize and get more done.

Collage of interface elements showing Week Calendar and Tasks with a task being dragged onto today's schedule.

Automate low leverage work

Make time for important work. And leave the busywork for Loopin. Auto share meeting outcomes to keep your team aligned, assign action items with automated follow-ups, and eliminate status update meetings.

Interface element showing all aspects of Meeting in one card — Similar Meetings, Attached Tasks, Notes.

Second brain for work

Get context from related meetings and notes, automagically. Calendar Insights to optimize time. Always bring your A-game to work.

A collage of interface elements showing Meeting aspects of Previous Notes, Current Notes and Cards showing Pending Tasks (along with how long task is pending).