🎨 Design Review

Review Design and provide feedback to your design team. Note down the next steps to follow up before future meetings

Team Meetings
Design Meetings

Using This Design Review Template to Streamline Your Meetings! 

A Design review meeting is an essential part of the product development process, where designers come together to showcase their work, brainstorm new ideas, and provide feedback to their peers. The meeting usually follows a specific template, which includes:

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🖥 What did you work on?

Each designer presents their work and progress since the last meeting. This is an opportunity to get everyone up to speed and to share insights that might help other designers in their work.

  • Designer 1
  • Designer 2
  • Designer 3

🤯 Brainstorm and Feedback

After the presentation, the team members can brainstorm and give feedback on the work presented. This can lead to valuable insights and ideas that can improve the design and functionality of the product.

  • Designer 1
  • Designer 2
  • Designer 3

✅ Next Steps

Finally, the team discusses the next steps and assigns tasks to the appropriate team members to ensure progress is made on the project. This ensures that the design work is moving forward and that everyone knows what they need to do to meet the project's goals.

In conclusion, the Design Review meeting is a crucial part of the design process that allows designers to share their work, receive feedback and brainstorm ideas. By using this template, the team can stay organized and focused on the key areas of discussion, ultimately leading to better design outcomes and an improved user experience.