🎨 Product Designer Interview

Assess your candidate's design thinking, previous experience and identify if they are a good cultural fit for your team

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Product Designers play a crucial role in a company's success.

They are responsible for creating user-centered design solutions that meet business objectives and solve user needs.

What should you look for in this interview

  1. Assessing skills and experience: A Product Designer interview allows you to evaluate the candidate's skills and experience relevant to the position. You can ask questions about their design process, problem-solving approach, experience with design tools, and portfolio.
  2. Evaluating cultural fit: An interview can help you determine if the candidate's values and work style align with your company's culture. You can assess their communication skills, collaboration style, and how they handle feedback.
  3. Understanding the candidate's goals: The interview is also an opportunity to learn about the candidate's career goals and what motivates them as a designer. You can ask questions about their long-term career aspirations and how the position aligns with their goals.
  4. Attracting top talent: A positive interview experience can help your company attract top talent in the design field. Candidates who have a positive interview experience are more likely to accept an offer if one is extended.

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🤝 Introduction

Allow the candidate to introduce themselves to you and potentially other interviewers.

  • Tell me about yourself

🎨 Design Experience

Learn about the candidate’s previous design experience.

  • Can you explain a key project in your portfolio?
  • Can you describe a design project that you are most proud of? Who did you work with, and what was your role?
  • What design tools are you familiar and comfortable with?
  • Can you describe when you’ve used data to solve a problem?

👥 Interpersonal Skills

Learn more about how they would collaborate with other teams.

  • How should designers collaborate with other branches of the business?
  • Describe a time when you worked closely with software engineers or the product. How did it go?

⁇ General Questions

Learn a little bit more about how they would collaborate with other teams.

  • What are some of your strengths and areas of improvement?
  • How do you keep up with the latest design trends? What resources do you use to inspire yourself?
  • What parts of the design process are most exciting for you and why?
  • What does it mean to be a great product designer?


  • Any Questions for me?

In summary, conducting a Product Designer interview is a critical step in the hiring process that allows you to assess the candidate's skills and experience, evaluate cultural fit, understand their goals, and attract top talent. By conducting a thorough and thoughtful interview, you can make informed hiring decisions that drive the success of your company.