🏁 Project Status Meeting

Reflect on what your team accomplished this week, how the week went overall, and what you are working towards for next week during your project status review

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Project Meetings

What do you mean by Project Status Meeting?

A project status meeting is a regular check-in to keep everyone involved in a project up-to-date on its progress. By using a standardized template, such as the one provided, the meeting can be structured and efficient.

The purpose of a project status meeting is to ensure that everyone is on the same page and to address any issues or roadblocks that may be hindering progress.


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πŸš₯ Project status

  • Provide a brief update on the status of each project. What has changed since yesterday?

This section provides a brief update on the status of each project. It aims to provide an overview of what has been achieved since the last meeting, and highlights any changes that have occurred. This information can help keep everyone on the same page and ensure that progress is being made.

🎯 Today’s objectives

Discuss what project tasks are you working on today.

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🚧 Roadblocks

  • Is there anything blocking your progress? How can I help?

Ask the team if there is anything blocking progress, and if so, how the project manager or team can help. It aims to identify any issues that are impacting progress and address them as soon as possible.

⏰ Pending approval

  • Is there anything you need my approval from to move forward with a project

Identify any approvals that are needed to move forward with a project. It helps ensure that projects are not held up waiting for decisions to be made, and that everyone is aware of what approvals are needed to keep the project moving forward.

Overall, the Project Status template provides a structured approach to project management that helps to keep everyone on the same page and ensures that the project stays on track. By addressing challenges and identifying dependencies early on, the team can work together to deliver high-quality results within the project timeline.