⏭ Skip Level 1:1 Meeting

Skip level 1:1 meeting can be a valuable tool for building relationships, promoting professional development, and gathering feedback on the employee experience

1:1 Meetings
Team Meetings

How to conduct a Skip Level 1:1 Meeting

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👋 Greeting and Check-In

  • Start the meeting by greeting the employee and checking in on how they're doing
  • Ask if they have any updates or questions for you

📊 Performance and Goals

  • Discuss their performance and progress toward their goals
  • Review any metrics or feedback that are relevant to their work

💼 Career Development

  • Ask about their career goals and aspirations
  • Discuss any opportunities for professional development or growth

👥 Team and Communication

  • Ask about their team and how they collaborate with their colleagues
  • Discuss any issues with communication or team dynamics

🤔 Feedback and Suggestions

  • Give them an opportunity to provide feedback on their experience at the company
  • Ask for any suggestions or ideas for improving processes or culture

👋 Closing

  • Thank them for their time and contributions to the company
  • Summarize any action items or next steps
  • Reaffirm your commitment to their success

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