🏁 Startup Marketing Team

A weekly marketing team meeting in a startup is crucial to ensure the team is energized and on track with their campaigns. Share wins and discuss strategy.

Team Meetings
Marketing Meetings

This template can help you conduct your weekly marketing meetings

In a startup marketing team meeting, the focus is on discussing and coordinating marketing efforts to promote the startup's brand, products or services. Here are some key topics to cover in a startup marketing team meeting:

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State the purpose of the meeting to get the team on the same page and to set expectations.

⚡️ Updates

Share any relevant updates or wins from the week to quick off the meeting.

🎯 Goals and metrics

What are our current goals? How are we progressing towards them?

Review the marketing goals set for the quarter and discuss how the team is progressing towards those goals. Look at relevant marketing metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, social media engagement, and email open rates.

🚧 Blockers

What roadblocks are you facing? What do you need help with?

Identify any roadblocks that team members are facing and discuss potential solutions. This could include issues with campaign performance, delays in content creation, or any other obstacles that are hindering progress.

🔬 Strategy

What is or is not working? What should we tweak?

Discuss the performance of the current marketing campaigns, ads, or content, and brainstorm ways to optimize and improve them. Use this feedback to adjust and optimize future marketing efforts.

✅ Next Steps

What came out of this meeting? What are the next steps?

Summarize what was discussed and decide on the next steps for the team. Assign roles and responsibilities for executing the next steps and set timelines for completion.

By addressing these topics, a weekly marketing team meeting can help to keep the team aligned, informed, and motivated, and ensure that marketing efforts are optimized for success.