🤝 Team 1:1 with Manager

One important way to check-in is during a 1-on-1. Check out this template for your one-on-one meetings with your team

1:1 Meetings
Team Meetings

Get Started with this One-On-One Meeting template with your Manager

1:1 meeting with Manger provides an opportunity for individual team members to discuss their work and any issues or concerns they may have with their manager. The template includes several key topics that can help guide the conversation and ensure that all relevant areas are covered.

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💬 Check-in

This is an opportunity for the team member and manager to briefly touch base and ensure that everything is going well. It's a chance to discuss any logistical issues, such as upcoming deadlines or scheduling conflicts.

🧐 Concerns

Discuss any issues or concerns they may have with their work, their role, or their manager. This can be a helpful way for the manager to identify any potential roadblocks or areas for improvement.

🎊 Excitements

Share any positive experiences, successes, or accomplishments they may have had. It can help to build morale and motivation, and give the manager a better sense of what's working well.

🤖 Help

Team member can request any help or support they may need from their manager. This can be anything from additional resources to training or mentorship.

🙌 My contribution

Reflect on their work and contributions, and discuss any progress or achievements they have made. This can help the manager to better understand the team member's strengths and areas of expertise, and provide more targeted feedback and support.

Overall, the purpose of a team 1:1 meeting with a manager is to facilitate open and constructive communication, and ensure that team members have the support and resources they need to do their best work.