Systems Integration

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Systems integration refers to the process of connecting different systems and applications to work together seamlessly. It involves integrating hardware, software, and network components to create a unified system that can perform complex functions.


APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are tools that allow different systems to communicate with each other. APIs define the protocols and standards that enable systems to exchange data and interact with each other.


Middleware is software that sits between different systems and facilitates communication between them. It acts as a bridge between different systems, translating data between them and ensuring that they can work together seamlessly.

Data Mapping:

Data mapping is the process of matching data fields between different systems. It involves identifying the data elements in one system and mapping them to the corresponding data elements in another system. This ensures that data can be exchanged accurately between the two systems.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA):

SOA is an architectural approach that focuses on creating modular, reusable services that can be accessed by different systems. It involves breaking down complex systems into smaller, more manageable services that can be combined to create larger systems.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB):

An ESB is a software architecture that enables different systems to communicate with each other through a common messaging system. It provides a central hub for integrating different systems and applications, ensuring that they can communicate with each other seamlessly.

In summary, systems integration is a critical process in today's technology landscape. It enables organizations to connect different systems and applications to work together seamlessly, improving efficiency, productivity, and overall performance. Understanding the key concepts and tools involved in systems integration is essential for any product manager looking to build successful, integrated products.