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8 Must-Have Zoom Apps for Fun and Productive Meetings

8 Must-Have Zoom Apps for Fun and Productive Meetings

Zoom integrations let you connect chat apps, record minutes of the meetings, discuss your daily charter and allow attendees to use the apps without clicking on different links. How? Let's find out.

With the boost in remote work culture, Zoom has now become the go-to app for online meetings. Its features aren’t limited to hosting and attending meetings. With some must-have Zoom apps, you can make your calls more fun and productive and improve the overall meeting experience. 

You can integrate chat apps, record minutes of the meetings, discuss your daily charter and allow attendees to use the apps without clicking on extra links. It’s exciting to utilize technology to simplify your life, so let’s get to know these highly productive apps you must integrate into Zoom. 

Must-Have Zoom Apps for Fun and Productive Meetings 

1. Loopin

Good note-taking software can enhance your productivity and improve your workflow. But note-taking software available without switching tabs during a meeting can be revolutionary. Loopin is a workspace for managing meeting knowledge and daily tasks.

With the Loopin Zoom app, you can keep all your meeting notes organized in the Zoom app. The Loopin pop-up windows let you make notes without losing your focus. Once the meeting is over, you can share these notes with the rest of your team through Slack, Notion, or mail without leaving the app. All your notes from previous meetings are accessible anywhere on the Loopin web app or in the Zoom meetings. This tool is excellent for a productive brainstorming session or better time management during remote working. 

This small integration can save you tons of to and fro between other apps while you look for note-taking options, organize your meeting minutes, and share to-do lists. Loopin is the one-stop, must-have Zoom app for viewing meetings, capturing daily action items, and sharing meeting notes instantly with your team. 

Source: Loopin

2. Warmly

After back-to-back meetings, you can sometimes lose track of who you interact with. This is especially true when you work with multiple clients or have joined a new company. Warmly promises to build familiarity with personalized name tags showing every participant’s credentials. These personal details are pulled from the web. 

After installing and configuring Warmly, it’ll add a panel on the right side of your Zoom window. This lists all the available information on the people on the call. Warmly uses email invitations to scan other attendees and looks for any general information in the digital space. It may not be 100% accurate, but it gives you an edge with personalized talking points. 

No more switching windows to check the other person’s LinkedIn. You can get to know everyone on a Zoom meeting quickly with Warmly. 

Source: Warmly

3. Grain

We all want to have quick key takeaways from every Zoom meeting. While you can take in-meeting notes with Loopin, you can maximize its potential by adding Grain to your list of must-have Zoom apps. 

Using Grain, you can record, transcribe, clip and further share the crucial parts of your meeting in real-time. You can even transcribe an old recording by uploading it to the app. Grain allows you to edit your transcript, remove filler words, and download the transcript in multiple formats. The app also has multiple language options for seamless transcription. 

The ease of sharing transcriptions across multiple platforms can effortlessly increase your productivity in virtual meetings. 

Source: Grain

4. Mentimeter

A continuous chain of faces talking through a screen can get monotonous. You can make your virtual meetings more engaging with Mentimeter. This must-have Zoom app helps you to interact with the participants through live polls, open-ended questions, and choice-based quizzes with real-time inputs from the participants. 

It allows easy integration of presentations in Zoom, keeping all the presentations and meetings in a single place. This integration can help professionals gather valuable feedback, load the meetings with icebreaker questions, and facilitate collaborative brainstorming to make decisions together. 

Mentimeter can change the way your Zoom meetings feel. Instead of making your meetings like a one-sided lecture, ease your way into interactive sessions with polls, quizzes, and Q&As. 

Source: Mentimeter

5. Docusign

DocuSign is one of the most practical and must-have Zoom apps. Many professional meetings and discussions require authorization and signatures. 

Using the Docusign extension, you can send notifications related to your DocuSign envelopes directly to the Zoom chat. This way, all the participants can instantly approve or decline authorization for documents in the meeting. 

Participants can also view the recent envelopes and respond to the meeting discussion using text commands. 

Source: DocuSign

6. Thrive Reset

Zoom fatigue is real. Sitting in front of a screen for several hours each day can get exhausting. To avoid this, add 60 to 90 seconds of breathing space in your Zoom window for all participants with Thrive Reset. 

Research shows that virtual fatigue starts setting in after 30 minutes of continuous screen exposure. You can use Thrive Reset at the beginning of the meeting for a calm start. You can use it in the middle to realign everyone’s attention or at the end to release any residual stress.

Thrive Reset allocates 60 seconds of your meeting time to breathing, stretching, gratitude, and mindfulness. This can bring a massive difference in every participant’s mind space, making your virtual interactions more meaningful, intentional, and productive. 

Source: Thrive Reset

7. Sococo

Do you sometimes get tired of working in the isolation of your desk? Sococo brings the workplace together on Zoom calls, irrespective of where you are. This must-have Zoom app uses the avatars of your teammates to show who is where and doing what. 

This integration enables a virtual simulation of office space, bringing people closer to a more engaging and collaborative state. The Sococo workspace allows you to knock on your teammate’s doors to ask them to join meetings. You can share multiple screens and get more done in less time, all on Zoom with Sococo. 

Source: Sococo

8. Mural

65% of the people are visual learners. It's best to develop a culture of visual collaboration to maximize the potential of Zoom meetings and remote working. 

Mural is your go-to digital whiteboard collaboration space on Zoom window. In this digital whiteboard, your team can collaborate visually in real-time with images, drawings, sticky notes, charts, and more. All these collaborative pieces are saved in a mural for future accessibility. 

Mural is a must-have Zoom app for innovative brainstorming sessions within teams and with clients to create a more collaborative session for all. 

Source: Mural

Special Mentions: 

  1. G Suite befitting everyday use - Integrating Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive on Zoom allows you to create meetings, send links, and access meeting presentations in one go. 
  2. Slack for all professionals - Almost all workspaces use Slack and Zoom both. Integrating the two apps allows easy access for team coordination without switching windows. 
  3. GitLab for coders - Best for coding together, the GitLab integration for Zoon can show your GitLab activity on Zoom for better teamwork and accessibility. 
  4. Smokeball for lawyers - Created especially for law firms, Smokeball is a practice management app for lawyers to keep track of the time they spend in meetings. 
  5. Mailchimp for marketers - Mailchimp integration helps you send campaign performance details directly to Zoom chats for easy communication. 

In Summary

Once you integrate multiple apps on Zoom, you won’t ever need to switch tabs between meetings. You can simply launch the app within Zoom and streamline your workflow. Our top 8 picks of must-have Zoom apps include:

  1. Loopin
  2. Warmly
  3. Grain
  4. Mentimeter
  5. Docusign
  6. Thrive Reset
  7. Sococo
  8. Mural

There are many such apps available on the Zoom marketplace that you can access and make your meetings intensely productive and engaging. Get started and optimize your Zoom experience so that you look forward to attending every virtual meet.