Supercharge your calendar into a productivity hub.

Manage meeting notes. Highlight decisions. Track action items. Automate follow-ups. Right from your calendar.

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Do you live by the calendar?

And yet find
meetings ineffective?

Struggle to recall what was discussed in the last meeting?

Scramble through Email, Slack, Google Docs or Evernote to trace chain of events?

Unending follow-ups with teams to review progress?

Anxious about forgetting to complete an action item?

Meetings lose momentum
right after they end.

But not any more...

Loopin makes your
meeting outcomes actionable.

Reduce overload. Remove chaos. Regain time.

Magic. On your calendar.

Connect your calendar and you're all set. It's that easy. Loopin is the fastest way to manage meeting outcomes. Unleash the superpowers of your calendar within seconds.

Recap. Reset.

Spending too much time in back to back meetings? Loopin automatically resurfaces relevant meeting notes at the right time. Recap prior meetings and reset context in no time.

Work done.
On time, every time.

Never miss a deadline. Loopin intelligently prioritizes action items for you to work on. Save time planning. More time doing.

Everything you need to
boost your meeting efficiency

Plan your day
Time is limited, tasks are not. Block time on calendar to finish tasks that matter.
Drive meetings efficiently
Share decisions and action items for visibility on next steps. Keep all stakeholders aligned.
Save time on follow-ups
Easily schedule follow-up meetings. Automate reminders to get status on action items.
Central decision hub
Search through decisions, action items and notes based on tags, participants or meetings.
With you everywhere
Search through decisions, action items and notes based on tags, participants or meetings.
Fits in your workflow
Works well with your existing toolkit. Explore our Email, Slack, and Trello integrations. More coming soon.