CSAT (Customer Satisfaction)

man in grey crew-neck t-shirt smiling to woman on counter

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is a metric used to measure how satisfied customers are with a product or service. It is typically measured through surveys or feedback forms that ask customers to rate their level of satisfaction with various aspects of the product or service.

CSAT is an important metric for Product Managers because it can provide insight into how well the product is meeting customer needs and expectations. A high CSAT score indicates that customers are happy with the product, while a low score may indicate areas for improvement.

To improve CSAT, Product Managers must first understand what is driving customer satisfaction. This may involve analyzing survey results to identify key drivers of satisfaction or conducting user research to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs and pain points.

Once key drivers of satisfaction have been identified, Product Managers can work to improve the product in those areas. This may involve making changes to the product itself, improving customer support or training, or communicating more effectively with customers about how to use the product.

Ultimately, the goal of measuring CSAT is to create a product that customers love and are willing to recommend to others. By focusing on customer satisfaction, Product Managers can ensure that they are delivering value to their customers and building products that will be successful in the long term.