Daily Stand-up

man in red and black crew neck t-shirt using silver macbook

The Daily Stand-up is a daily meeting that brings together the development team to discuss progress, challenges, and plans for the day. It is also known as the Daily Scrum, Daily Huddle, or Daily Stand-up Meeting.

The purpose of the Daily Stand-up is to keep the team aligned, informed, and accountable. The meeting should be short (usually 15 minutes or less) and focused on answering three questions: What did you do yesterday? What are you planning to do today? Are there any obstacles or issues that are blocking your progress?

The Daily Stand-up should be held at the same time and place every day, preferably in the morning, and everyone on the team should attend. The meeting should be held standing up to encourage brevity and focus.

As a Product Manager, it is important to attend the Daily Stand-up to stay informed about the progress of the development team and to identify any issues or risks that may impact the product roadmap. It is also an opportunity to provide feedback, guidance, and support to the team.

To make the most out of the Daily Stand-up, it is essential to prepare beforehand by reviewing the team's progress and identifying any potential roadblocks. During the meeting, it is important to listen actively, ask clarifying questions, and provide feedback that is constructive and actionable.

In summary, the Daily Stand-up is a crucial tool for agile development teams to stay aligned, informed, and accountable. As a Product Manager, attending the Daily Stand-up is essential to stay informed about the progress of the development team and to provide support and guidance to ensure the success of the product roadmap.