📊 Year-end Review

This engaging template highlights employee performance ratings, achievements, superpowers, opportunities for improvement, and career objectives

1:1 Meetings
Team Meetings

Use this Review Template for your Year End Performance Review Meetings

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👋 Introduction

  • Thank the employee for their hard work over the past year
  • Review the purpose of the performance review and what the employee can expect

📊 Performance Rating

  • Use appropriate emojis to reflect the employee's performance rating (e.g., 🏆 for outstanding, 👍 for good, 🤷‍♂️ for average, 👎 for needs improvement)
  • Provide specific feedback and data points to support the rating

🔝 Achievements

  • Highlight the employee's key achievements over the past year
  • Use appropriate emojis to reflect the significance of the achievements (e.g., 🌟 for major accomplishments, 🎉 for milestones, 💪 for overcoming challenges)

💪 Superpowers

  • Acknowledge the employee's unique strengths and skills that they bring to their role
  • Use appropriate emojis to reflect their superpowers (e.g., 🚀 for high-performer, 💡 for creative problem solver, 🤝 for great collaborator)

📉 Opportunities for Improvement

  • Identify areas where the employee can improve their performance and develop new skills
  • Use appropriate emojis to reflect the opportunities (e.g., 🚩 for areas of concern, 🤔 for areas for further development, 💡 for potential growth areas)

🎯 Career Objectives

  • Discuss the employee's career objectives for the next year or beyond
  • Use appropriate emojis to reflect the aspirations and goals (e.g., 🎓 for learning and development, 🏆 for career advancement, 💼 for expanding their role or responsibilities)

👋 Conclusion

  • Summarize the key takeaways from the performance review and any action items or next steps
  • Reaffirm the company's commitment to the employee's success and growth

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